KAIZEN™ Insight Tour -
December 2019

One must experience, for one to understand the true essence of KAIZEN™

During December 2nd to 6th, Kaizen Institute led a KAIZEN™ Insight Tour in and across Japan with exceptional insights and access to the KAIZEN™ methodology.

KAIZEN™ Insight Tours in Japan have a long tradition and is an integral part of the Continuous Improvement journey for any organization committed to excellence and sustaining it. Kaizen Institute has been offering KAIZEN™ focused learning tour services since 1981. The main purposes of KAIZEN™ Insight Tours include:

• Understanding the authenticity of KAIZEN™
• Gaining abilities and ways to enhance a KAIZEN™ culture
• Learning principles and to adapt and re-align them to each individual situation
• Gaining motivation and passion to carry on in a KAIZEN™ way

The recent KAIZEN™ Insight Tour was led by Kimmo Järvinen (Kaizen Institute Global Operations) and our guest facilitator Mark Graban (Author of the books "Lean Hospitals", "Healthcare Kaizen" and "The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen"). The participants from healthcare sector companies had exceptional access and insights to KAIZEN™ methodologies, based on the KAIZEN™ culture.

The Tour included both strategic and tactic elements of KAIZEN™ via Gemba Walks, interactive discussions and lectures with executives and experts.

The participants visited both manufacturing and hospital sites and also heard lecturers from those who have been engaged in Continuous Improvement for years. The group was exposed to diverse environments and implementation stages of Continuous Improvement, learning many different, but yet similar perspectives from top management, supervisors, team leaders and staff level members, KAIZEN™ promotional personnel, TPS specialist, and others.

Throughout the week, participants experienced the Japanese culture and went through the learning of how a KAIZEN™ culture can be established throughout the organization, and how such conviction can be facilitated among all members.

We trust the KAIZEN™ Insight Tour experience gave all participants the insight of what Kaizen Institute calls authentic KAIZEN™ and enabled participants to learn how to successfully create a KAIZEN™ culture.


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Global Operations - Zug, Switzerland

Email: PR@kaizen.com

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