Masaaki Imai awarded with
"The BrandLaureate Legendary Award"

After a careful selection process entailing the vigilant consideration of various nominations, funneled and vetted through a rich array of exceptional requests, our founder, Maasaki Imai has been duly chosen and award by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation (APBF) with "The BrandLaureate Legendary Award".

The award has been presented to Masaaki Imai in recognition of being "A world pioneer and leader in the KAIZEN™ philosophy and further improvement of Continuous Improvement within organizations, as well as an organizational theorist and management consultant who specializes in assisting leaders in creating high-performance standards through the development of quality management specifically on KAIZEN™, GEMBAKAIZEN™ and Lean Manufacturing, besides other quality philosophies."

The APBF, established a decade ago in 2005, is the world's premier branding foundation. As a trendsetter for branding with divergence, the Foundation's primary objectives include the promotion of brands, the heightening of branding practices and inculcation of good brand culture in the arena of business. The BrandLaureate, a sobriquet for brand excellence, was set up to meet said objectives of the APBF - enabling the Foundation to execute its goals effectively. While brands are often represented by organizations, products and services, they also encompass individuals who embody outstanding personalities.

The Foundation's list of international award recipients includes the late Former President Nelson Mandela, Hillary Clinton, Dr. Ben S. Bernanke, Steve Jobs, Professor Robert Fry Engle (Nobel Laureate for Economics), Professor Ferid Murad (Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine), Dr. Jane Goodall, Shuji Nakamura & Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Co-Founder);leadership gurus - Marshall Goldsmith, Dr William J Rothwell, Dr John C Maxwell; sports personalities - Cristiano Renaldo, Kobe Bryant, Muhammad Ali, Wladimir Klitschko (IBF, WBO & WBA), Michael Schumacher, Ivan Lendl & Tiger Woods; entertainers - Andrea Bocelli, Sir Cliff Richard, Adele, Kitaro, Kenny G, Richard Clayderman, Sir Bob Geldof, Kazuhiro Tsuji, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Sir Christopher Lee, Andy Serkis, Dame Judi Dench, Sir Ian McKellen, James Cameron, Sir Peter Jackson & Rowan Atkinson; as well as outstanding establishments such as FIFA, London College of Music Examinations, Classic All Blacks, The Art of Living Foundation & Association of Space Explorers.

Learn more about the The BrandLaureate Legendary Award at: The BrandLaureate Awards.


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